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Who is Holeshot Thoroughbreds?

Holeshot Thoroughbreds provide a Central Queensland horse training service. With a lifetime of experience and generations of horse racing in his blood, head trainer Corey McIver brings fresh innovation and dedication to the sport of kings.

Clearly Creative’s Role

With racing in the blood it was important that I created a brand for Holeshot Thoroughbred Training that was functional at ground level while being able to shine in the spotlight on race day.

Clearly Creative brought together a complete branding package that allows Holeshot Thoroughbreds new logo and branding to be applied across various marketing platforms for both print marketing and digital marketing purposes which will support Holeshot Thoroughbreds through growth and evolution.

Brand Collateral

Consistant brand collateral rolled out through each Play and Learn Child Care Centre allows the brand to build strong a brand presence with their client base. This helps to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Centre Signage

While each centre location brings it’s own challenges and requirements when it comes to signage, the branding and the message remains consistants across the board.

Online Presence

Play and Learn Child Care’s online presence plays an important role in informing existing and potential customers of the important role each Play and Learn Centre plays in the future of the children that attend.

The websites provide independant information for each Play and Learn location while staying on brand.