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Bring your brand to life by choosing hand crafted branding with personality!

Working with businesses and individuals wanting to expand or launch their brand, I’m here to help make that happen and position your business so that you can share your offer with the world.

What to Post on Social Media

You’ve set up your social media accounts and invited everyone you know to like/follow/appreciate your new page or account building up a few page likes/follows/appreciates… NOW WHAT? Check out our Social Post Ideas below. Social Media is a fun and engaging way to...

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Customer Referrals

A referral is a trusted recommendation from another individual. So understanding what drives your customers is important for satisfying their needs. By creating an army of happy customers, you’ll be able to spread the word about your business through the...

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Brand consistency! Why it matters

Brand consistency – Why it really does matter! Studies have shown consistently that when we make purchases it tends to be an emotional decision rather than a practical one. Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re savvy! Many of us are very thorough and diligent in...

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How to create a brand pin-board

So you've decided to rebrand, go you! But what do you do now? When you make the decision to rebrand your business, it can often be pretty difficult to convey to your designer, or even solidify in your own mind, specifically what you want out of your new image. To...

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4 Important website SEO steps

So, you have a brand spanking new website. Yay! The only problem is nobody knows that it’s there, and it’s not showing up on google! Damn… So, nobody is learning about your awesome services or buying your incredible products. I read once that a website is...

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Does your website need a re-design?

First impressions matter when it comes to building relationships with your clients and a great website that functions well and looks amazing is an important part of that process. You might be putting off your website redesign due to your budget or the time...

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