So you’ve decided to rebrand, go you! But what do you do now?

When you make the decision to rebrand your business, it can often be pretty difficult to convey to your designer, or even solidify in your own mind, specifically what you want out of your new image. To successfully rebrand your business, you’ll need to understand where it is you want to go, what you represent and what represents your clients, along with the right look and feel of professional branding you will be proud to call your own. Today we’re going to delve into how you can use Pinterest to make a brand board, making this process more effective, and setting up the groundwork for a rebrand that is perfect for you.

Pinterest is a great free tool to help you nut out the solutions to these questions, providing a platform for brainstorming your branding in an easy to use visual medium by creating your own brand pin-board.

First things first, create yourself a free Pinterest account. You can sign up using your email address or by signing in with your Facebook or Google account. When you sign up, Pinterest will offer to add a ‘Save’ button in your browser to give you the ability to quickly pin images, ideas and pages to your board from anywhere on the internet. It’s a really good idea to say yes to the browser button, but we’ll come back to that shortly.

Now you have your account set up, yay! The next step is to start searching out things that you want your business to represent.

The first way you can do that is by searching on Pinterest itself using keywords that you feel will represent your desired feel – words like modern, quirky, contemporary, professional, fun etc. There’s some great content on Pinterest that people have put together portraying how they view those keywords, maybe even some things that really hit the nail on the head that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

Once you find something that fits your criteria, hover over the pin and click on the ‘Save’ button. The first time you click ‘Save’ Pinterest will pop up a ‘Create Board’ dialogue box and you will be able to name your board. It will offer you suggestions for a board name (based on its assigned keywords), or you can simply type in a relevant name like ‘Brand board’ yourself. Click the ‘Create’ button and your brand board is up and running! Adding further pins to your board is simply a case of clicking save on your desired pin and when the dialogue box pops up simply select your board by clicking on its name and clicking ‘Save’

To access your boards, click on the profile icon on the top right of the page and select ‘My Profile’, then select ‘Boards’ to see your pin boards. This is also where you can update your board, from updating the name and adding a description, to inviting a collaborator or making the board secret so it can only be seen by you. Boards are public by default so you will always need to manually update to secret if you want to it be private. It’s worth mentioning though, that if you change a board to secret then to public you are unable to revert it to secret again.

Adding pins from EVERYWHERE! You’re not just limited to searching Pinterest, the internet is your playground.

Now we head back to the helpful Pinterest ‘Save’ button on your browser. You’ll find the button on the top right of the address bar (depending on your browser, I used Chrome) and it looks like the red ‘P’ Pinterest logo. When you’re on a page you want to save something from, just click the button and the same Pinterest dialogue box will open up and list thumbnails of all the things on the website you can save. Choose the thumbnail of the image or post you want to pin and select save, then the name of the board, the same as you would on Pinterest itself.

How do I know if I have enough..?

You should aim to add around 20 things to start with, giving yourself the chance to find what represents you the best. Once you’ve hit somewhere around that quota, have a good look at your board and start to cull out the excess pins – the ones that are a duplicate style or don’t quite convey what you are looking for. Keep up the culling process until you have condensed down to 5 pins, then invite your designer to your board as a collaborator. Combined with a consultation, the foundation is now set for your perfect new rebrand!