You’ve set up your social media accounts and invited everyone you know to like/follow/appreciate your new page or account building up a few page likes/follows/appreciates… NOW WHAT? Check out our Social Post Ideas below.

Social Media is a fun and engaging way to market your business, find your ideal buyer and build brand awareness. But it’s easy to get stuck on the idea generation side of things. If your anything like me, you’ll hit a wall and wonder, “What do I post about?”

I’ve put my brainstorming cap on and come up with a few social post ideas that you can poach for your business social media profiles. Even better, create a blog and use some of these social post ideas as your blog posts, and then link to that post on your social media profiles, creating a backlink for your website. { Good SEO }.

Use one of the following Social Post Ideas every other day and you will have the next months social media content calendar sorted out in advance.

Behind The Scenes

Show photos and videos of the inner workings of your business. This builds trust with your viewer and shows that you are a trustworthy and accessible brand.


Show images of your products and/or the finished product of your services. Show the latest product updates, benefits or trends.

How It’s Done

If you manufacture products show videos or images of the process that goes into creating your quality products and services.

Be Informative

Upload a video explaining how to use your product. Be informative and give details that you think might be obvious. Remember you’re the expert, your customer doesn’t have all your knowledge. Become the go to guy/gal.

eg, If you sell tyres, show a video explaining how to maintain tyre pressure, how to tell when the tread is getting too low etc. If your product or services requires some ongoing maintenance show a video on how to maintain and look after your product.

Case Studies

Excellent examples of your work in action, these bring a variety and extra marketing potential to your posts. Interview customers who have a lot to say on their experience working with you. Include an image of the customer, their logo and brand and of course the work you did for them.

A Day In The Life

Focus on one member of your team and get them to write a short post that details their working day. this createds a more approachable atmosphere for your business, and allows you to bring more engaging content to your customers.

Ask Questions

If you have a burning question, ask your audience. Post a survey. Not only does this create interaction but shows your customers that you find their point of view important and are trying to stay up to date and relevant.


Find social media profiles of business that compliment your services and recommend them to your audience. This helps the business in question, and if they can do the same you can help each other out.

Hold a Contest

Get customers to upload photos of themselves using your product or service, offer a prize and you will get an even better response. Have the pics in the post comments or make sure your profile is tagged. Create a hashtag of your own that entrants need to use. ie, #ClearlyTheBest etc.

Industry News

You know whats going on in your industry, so let your customers know. Keep your followers up to date on the whats happening.


If your business received an award, show it off to your customers. Often there are logos and imagery associated with awards, or you may have attended a big event to receive your award. Use these images and make a big deal about it. You deserve it.

Limited Time Sales

Post about your sales and promotions to build awareness and create excitement about your products. Maybe create a discount exclusively for social media followers or newsletter subscribers.


Post about national holidays like Chrismas, Easter etc. but perhaps looks for some obscure holidays that people aren’t always aware of. “Grilled Cheese Day” for example, or even “Earth Hour”


Update your customers on any events your running. Even if there small. Use a uniquely style images specifically for the event.

Job Opportunities

Let people know that your hiring, show some behind the scenes images or videos of how awesome it is to work with your team. Get people excited.

Lifestyle Photos

Not all of your posts need to be related directly to your product or service. Some can simply fit with the aesthetic of your brand and appeal to your target customer.

Share Value

Share tips and tricks that will make the lives of your customers better.

Your Desk

For a touch of fun show a photo of your desk (tidy of course) and show the bits and pieces you just couldn’t be without on a typical day.

You can download our { Social Media Post Idea Checklist } from our { Branding Resources } page, where you will find a bunch of helpful resources to use in your business.