Responsive Website Redesign
First impressions matter when it comes to building relationships with your clients and a great website that functions well and looks amazing is an important part of that process.
You might be putting off your website redesign due to your budget or the time it might take. But could a website redesign be more cost effective than you realise? Here are a few reasons taking the plunge and redesigning the look and functionality of your website is the way to go.
Make it mobile friendly!

Modern day viewers lead fast paced lives with little time to find a desktop computer when their need for information arises. Because of this, the convenience of mobile friendly websites to find information and conduct business is on the rise. Those businesses that take advantage of this trend stand a higher chance of capturing the attention of their target audience. Everyone else might just get left behind.

Are you reading this article on a mobile device right now?

If your viewers (potential clients) don’t find your website easy to navigate, and the information they are looking for easy to find, than you might loose them to the other guy, even if your services are the best in town.

Integrate Social Media

Social Media can make all the difference in reaching and interacting with your audience while keeping them informed of the latest in your services.

Keeping with the times involves featuring your social media on your website through links, sharing tools, news feeds and more.

Represent your business

Does your current website reflect who your business is today? Your goals, strategies and achievements?

Keeping the styling and functionality of your website inline with your business helps you to remain consistent with the message you want to put out about your core values, your unique selling point, your goals and strategies. Ensuring you remain connected with your target audience.

If you have re-branded your business don’t forget that your website is a major part of your brand.

Staying up to date

The web world and the technology that world is built on is forever changing.

Your website may have been cool and cutting edge a number of years ago, but lagging behind the times now. What message does this give the viewer about your business?

Take advantage of the latest technologies, it certainly wont go unnoticed by your web-savvy users!

Website Redesign Checklist

Here is a simple checklist to help you evaluate and then decide if its time to redesign your website:

  • Are your current business goals and strategies consistent with your website?
  • Does your offline and online marketing complement each other?
  • Have you eliminated all broken links and/or typos from your website?
  • Is your website easy to read? Legible font sizes, colours and styles?
  • Is your website information and contact information up to date?
  • Is the appearance of your website clean and simple? (no flashing images and jumbled appearance)
  • Does your website display properly on all of the web browsers, especially the new ones? (e.g. Appleā€™s Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)
  • Does your website have a low visitor bounce rate? (i.e. Visitors are leaving as soon as they view your website)
  • Does your website rank on Google and other search engines?
  • Is your website updated regularly with blogs, news releases, newsletters, video demos etc?
  • Is your website mobile friendly? (e.g Accessible to iPhone, Android and Blackberry users)
  • Is your website easy to navigate? (Can users find the information they are looking for in a logical way quickly)

If you answered NO to most of these questions then it’s time to take a look at redesigning your existing website.